In 1980 Kazgiprovodkhoz institute as a part of which there was Taldy-Kurgan branch "Honour Sign" for special merits in land reclamation development was awarded the order in the Republic and in honor of the 50 anniversary of education.

From 1979 to 1988 specialists of association Dzhanekenov ZH.R., Kenzheev S., Kwon G. P., Kim of, I., Ibraimov I., Buses B. And., Chakarov K., Leonov V.A., Naymankhanov Zh.N., being in foreign business trip, gave technical assistance to the Narodnodemokratichesky Republic Yemen on to carrying out topographical, inzhenernogeologicheskikh and hydrogeological, soil meliorative researches and on design of objects of water management construction in provinces Lakhedzh, Abjyan and Hadramaut.

In 1989-1991, after a destructive earthquake in the city of Spitak of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, experts, with departure to the Aparansky region, carried out prospecting operations and developed projects of an irrigation of lands (GIP Nikolaev V.P., Silchenko V. I. topographers. and Stulin P. A.). In 1991-1992 I carried out by Taldykorganvodproyekt Institute LLP prospecting operations

The Xinjiang-Uigur Autonomous Republic of People's Republic of China also I developed the Diagram of an irrigation of lands on basis underground waters from 5 slits of 700 m in depth (The Taldykorgan hydrogeological expedition) in Karadal's natural boundary for an ovtsesovkhoz "Akkoysky" of the Shapshalsky region.