In 1989-1991, after a destructive earthquake in the city of Spitak of the Armenian Soviet Socialist Republic, experts, with departure to the Aparansky region, carried out prospecting operations and developed projects of an irrigation of lands (GIP Nikolaev V.P., Silchenko V. I. topographers. and Stulin P. A.).

Are carried out prospecting (engineering geology, a hydrology topografogeodezichesky, soil, land management) operations development of the design and estimate documentation "Construction is also carried Kaskelensky group conduit" and "Reconstruction of the Presnovsky group water supply system". Kaskelensky group water supply system on a self-pressure without use of the electric power with construction 2kh head water intakes on to mark 1910m, on the river the Southern Cossack and Kaskelen with all water treatment constructions. Expansion of a conduit of 21 km., distributive and local networks of 24 settlements of 450 km. Termination development of 2012. The electric power is used only on a clearing construction and for lighting.

Reconstruction of the Presnovsky group water supply system (2 branches) with the general expansion of a conduit and leadouts to settlements of 480 km. Date of completion of development 2011. In the project the automated system control of a complex of constructions is implemented group water supply system according to the account and monitoring of submission, distribution and a water consumption. Except that, wireless data transfer with water measuring, regulating is provided the equipment and instruments of the pressure head regulating constructions on the server for collection, processing, information storages in the control office.