Since 1956: Obvodnitelny water supply systems: Chingeldinsky (45 km), Kokpektinsky (100 km), Samensky, Togyzkuduksky, Sarybulaksky, Zhamanbalasaysky, Koskuduksky and Aynabulaksky (85 km), and also water supply systems of drinking water supply of the village of Antonovka, page. Energy, of Zhansugurov and water lifting vetroagregata of ABMB-1,2. Expansion and reconstruction of Karatalsky rice system with a kollektornodrenazhny network on the area of 13 thousand hectares, Kushuk-Kalpinsky beet system on the square 9,, The left-bank Koksusky massif of an irrigation -

In 1972 for the first time in the republic have introduced the Frigate DM new irrigation equipment with use of an underground and surface water (30% on a self-pressure) in the Kerbulaksky massif irrigation (2600 hectares), Panfilovsky district (6500 hectares), in farms: Erkinsky (444 hectares), of Abay (888 hectares), Revolution Flame (370 hectares). Only 200 pieces. Dm of "Frigates" on the total area of 15 thousand hectares. Irrigation systems Ashirovsky, Horgossky and Kyzyl are mastered (36 thousand hectares).

On the developed projects of society in the former Taldykorgan region as of 1 January, 1990 more than 303 thousand hectares of the irrigated lands are mastered, flood of pastures is carried out 7,, more than 500 km of water systems of drinking water supply are constructed.