Remarkable people stood at the origins of formation of design and survey society, possessing wide practical experience and profound theoretical knowledge, such as Wolves V. G, Kim D., Dyomin N. D., Kwon G. P., Gorynin A.G., Voloshchenko P. K., I.A. Nidens, Mishatkina A.M, Wagner O. A., Bigazinov I.B., Sadykov U.F., Silchenko V. I., F.I Flax.

There are a lot of forces and energies enclosed in development of technical thought, enhancement project prospecting operations and education of experts, the limited liability partnerships heading in different years "Institute Taldykorganvodproyekt" principals: Temnyakov A.I., Skiba A.N., Kokanbekov T.K., Shengelbayev N.G., Sarbalin S.S., Naymankhanov N. Zh., Dzhanekenov Zh.R. The business begun with them continued the next generation of experts are the Teng V. S. working today, Kim A.F., Kilybayev S.S., Buses B. And., Ott I.A., Kim S.N., Litvinov V.P., Grigorenko V.D., Sultanbekov N., Tarnova S.P., researchers and machine operators - workers: Plane V. I., Seilov B. K., Bardin N. S., Golomidov L.I. and others.

On projects of Taldykorganvodproyekt Institute LLP till 1956 were constructed: Hydroelectric power station with a besplotinny water intake from river Karatal in collective farms of Kirov and "Communism dawn" in Taldy-Kurgan region.

Water supply systems in the village of Malogorovka and in to / x of Amangelda of the Guards region. Piping of springs and flood of pastures mine wells. The drying channel in to / x "Usharal", irrigating systems in the Panfilovsky region and the channel "Joint stock company-Togan" with a water intake from the river of Bizhe to Kirovsky district.